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About us

Our Vision

AULM envisions to be a global leader in education by providing access to quality, flexible, and affordable online degree programs that prepare individuals for successful careers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help students from all across the world develop the skills, competencies and expertise to meet their potential as leaders for the society in which they live.

Our Goals

  • To provide higher education to a diverse range of students through the use of online education, low tuition costs, and financial-aid options. The university promotes its programs to areas without adequate educational resources.
  • To offer programs that are dedicated to fostering critical thinking, communication and lifelong learning. They provide the competencies and skills required for success in the global economy.
  • To engage in a constant process of continual improvement, utilizing technology and automation.
  • To prepare students for future employment by helping them develop awareness of their own interests and aptitudes, providing them with the career and educational opportunities necessary to plan for their careers and further education. 

Our Values

Equal access to education

AULM believes that quality education should be made available to all qualified students at a minimal cost. It offers its distance learning programs worldwide to provide students in remote areas the opportunity to study international programs right from the comfort of their home.


AULM provides an innovative, 21st century online business education. The University assesses and evaluates all aspects of its academic model on an ongoing basis.


AULM believes in empowering individuals to achieve their optimal potential by building up their soft skills and personality traits in order to access a better quality of life.