ALUMNI Institutions

Is The International University of

Leadership Degree Accepted by Colleges?

Our students have gone on to many universities after earning their AULM degree. Below is a sampling of some of the universities who have accepted or confirmed that they would accept the AULMdegree for continuing education or for transfer within the last 3 years.¹ It is not guaranteed that an AULM graduate will be accepted into any of these institutions. Remember, each university has a variety of admission requirements..

  • ASA College, NY
  • AULMarbella, Spain*
  • Dakota college at Bottineau
  • Drew University
  • IAM University, Burkina Faso
  • IMAA, Algeria
  • International University of Leadership*
  • ISCTE, Lisbon Portugal
  • ISM Adonai, Benin
  • Jacksonville State University
  • Montegomery State college
  • University of Delaware, USA.
  • Moscow University of Finance and Law
  • Ottawa University
  • Private International University of Leadership, Morocco*
  • St. Cloud State University
  • Strayer University
  • Tallahasee Community College
  • UCAC, Congo
  • Universite De Moncton, Canada
  • University of Central Florida
  • Valencia College, Florida
  • Westchester Community College

*AULM University partners through AUL Holding- Guaranteed Admission